About us

The best experiences are created by the locals.

Who we are

GoTo Tromso believes that the most authentic holiday experiences are made by locals.

Community-based tourism is the core of our business model, connecting local activity suppliers, attractions and restaurants with guest from all over the world - you!

About bookings

GoTo Tromsø is a collaboration of two local companies, Adlevo and Discover Tromsø (a daughter company of Tromsø Villmarkssenter). When you visit Tromsø, you visit our home. This makes sustainable tourism and visitor management natural priorities for us. Our companies therefore pledge a percentage of all revenue made from this platform towards a "Reiselivsfond" - a destination-wide investment fund dedicated to facilitating the sustainable development of our region through tourism.

We are currently building this project together with several of the suppliers on this platform with the support from the institute of tourism studies at the Arctic University.


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